Secure and encrypted messaging
Everything is private
by default
All user data is anonymized on servers
Older content is
deleted from servers
No address book
storage by grouptime

Better Group Messaging and Sharing

grouptime is a fast, beautiful, easy to use and secure app for
group messaging and sharing with family and close friends.

You can send group messages, post status updates, share moments, exchange photos and much more with the people and groups you choose - instantly, personally, privately.

Fast Group Messaging with Custom Fonts  One-click Messaging and Sharing with Your Private Groups  Status Updates and Group Messages for Family and Friends  Private Location Sharing  Private Group Messaging and Sharing of Digital Content

Beautiful Group Messaging and Private Photo Sharing
with Family and Close Friends


"Perfect to communicate and get together with family and friends."
"Private social networking and sharing with my real friends."
"Simply the best messaging app. Everybody needs this app."
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